SpraySix 2oz sprays to choose from at $5.00 bottle:

BUG OFF!!  A combination of six different essential oils helps keep those pesky flying things away.

EUCALYPTUS essential oil, relieves my congestion. I spray it on my pillow and feel much better when I awaken.

PEACEFUL is a combination of sweet orange and patchouli essential oils. Keep it around for family reunions!

PEPPERMINT essential oil has been a life saver through summer heat, also helps rid a person of head and tummy aches.

LAVENDER essential oil on the little one’s pillow at night will help the sandman lull them to sleep.

ORANGE is our latest addition. Spray a bit in the toilet before you sit and nobody will know you’ve been there.



Bug Off, Eucalyptus.Peaceful,
Peppermint, Lavender


Lavender, Sweet Orange,
Patchouli, Orange

Select from Dropdown

Select from Dropdown


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