Meet our livestock

Another show behind us and not a particularly profitable one so I’d rather think about our milk cows. We have Belle and Lizzy  here now. Belle, as you might be able to tell is in a family way. The coming of milk is anxiously awaited as the goats have pretty much gone on strike and there is a limited amount in the freezer. As soon as Belle pops out a baby we will be making butter and taking milk baths!

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Lizzy was named for Larry’s first heart attack. If you remember the show Sanford & Son, Fred was always clutching his heart and yelling “I’m coming ‘Lisbeth” so Lizzy. Liz has adopted a heifer calf and caring for her as her own for the past 4 months. The calf’s mom left her for over a day so we just gave it a try and Lizzy was in love at first sight

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Hope you are all having a good day. I think I’ll spend some of mine out with the animals.

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