Ms Luna Tick we found at the stockyard in Crossville. We’d been to the flea market shopping and stopped to look at the goats in the stockyard/auction parking lot. She was easy to get along with but it was a package deal, her son, whom we named Elvis, had to come along. Told she was a milk goat, convinced us to take both goats home with us that day.

At that point our milking area was not completed. This offered Luna the opportunity to jump from the milk stanchion over the wall and out the back. Ah yes…a milk goat if you can catch her. Getting this goat to agree to stand still took 5 point restraints. We acquired some small animal collars and tied them to the back legs of the stand, did the same for the front legs and still had to tie a collar to the ceiling as Luna would plop down on her belly to avoid being milked. Back then we had much more energy and perseverance than we do now, we won. Luna became a milk goat, tho not ever giving much.

What Luna lacked in milk capacity she made up for with character. She would scream at the top of her lungs to get us running just to see her smiling (she really did smile) at us running like fools. The neighbors thought she was “cute” when she jumped the fence and joined them for coffee and cigarettes in the morning on their back porch.

She was a goat to be remembered. A good mom. A fair milker. And an absolutely adorable pain in the butt.

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