Farm memories

Having decided to sell the farm and retire my mind is full memories from the past 18 years. Will attempt to share them with you during the fall and winter months.

Naturally, we will start with the goats. Our goat adventure started with three girls we purchased from a fellow named Boyd. Gabbie, Mollie and Suzie were the first on our farm. Their stall area was completely built and set to go well before we had walls in our barn apartment. (But, then again, we are still without finished flooring in some areas of our barn home.) Mrs Boyd named the goats in honor of students at the school where she worked. Would like to meet these children sometime.

Suzie was my all time favorite goat. When doing workshops she would keep the others from jumping on participants. She’d head the herd out to the field and always bring them back on time. She was easy on us humans but tough on the goats.

Mollie was our “spitting goat” she did not take to Larry and would spit at him whenever he had to deal with her. But, we later found out, this is the way she treated Mrs Boyd as well. Perhaps she was just smart enough not to spit at the person doing most of the feeding and milking.

Gabbie was our best milker at the time. She was giving over a gallon a milking and we were milking twice a day. One day we noticed a drop in milk and thought she might just be stopping as kidding was getting closer. Not the case. Walked in and found her milking herself. Her udder had gotten so large she was able to turn her head around and nurse herself! This was such a hoot we thought about stopping her with a bra of sorts but she was just such a character we let her keep enjoying fresh milk.

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