What’s up

It has been a busy few months here at LaBelle Acres and it seems like things are not going to calm down real soon.

Our house is getting a good bit of traffic thanks to airbnb.com.  We’ve met folks from all over, Russia, Africa, Netherlands and, naturally, some Americans! Great to be able to learn about different ways and customs.

Sad news is the passing of our perimeter patrol, Jack. Cancer in his bones and he was only 6 years old. Miss his deep “woof” and thumping tail.jack-on-a-rainy-dayDown to the wire on outdoor shows. This weekend is the Pumpkin Festival in Allardt and in two weeks Ketner’s Mill. Allardt is just Saturday so no demo there but will be making lye soap at Ketner’s on the 15th and 16th. After these two shows I move indoors.

Kentucky is on the agenda for Halloween. Should I be a gypsy or a hippie?  Can’t decide.  You’ll have to wait until then to see what happens.

Hope to see you!