What to do when it’s snowing?

IMG_0712Froze tomatoes in the summer and now the wood cook stove gets a workout as they are turned into sauce or ketchup.

IMG_0719One of the young ewes had her first lamb during the storm. She’s not all that good a mom. We took the baby in to warm up and Ginger had to check it out. Baby’s back with mom now and both are doing fine.

Blizzard of 2016

IMG_0708IMG_0706Here are some pictures you might enjoy.

Rosie is doing her best to stay out of the way of the goats trying to get to the hay. Cabin fever seems to be a problem, some are getting a bit aggressive about the whole thing.



Some, like Jack below, love the snow. Others have crammed themselves into one stall with Inky (big black sheep) blocking the exit.