Knoxville this weekend

Come on over to the Expo Center in Knoxville. I’ll be set up where the coffee and dips usually are. Will have some great deals for gifts.  You are welcome to pre-order to be certain you get what you want.  So many items priced at 3 for $10 you can pick up some nice gifts for just the $10, or treat yourself to something special.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!


Keeping an eye on the sheep

Normally our sheep are left to graze pastures wherever they like but lately we’ve had some serious predator problems. We are keeping everyone close to the barn.  Good time to get some pictures to share.

Here’s Bessie getting ready to snag what little sweet feed is left but somebody’s not giving it up!bessieandeweeatingbessieandsheep







Feed is spread out all over but somehow only the stuff with the most sheep tastes good at all. Rosie hates having her picture taken. She normally stays with the goats but is spending more time with the sheep lately.