Knoxville Expo Flea Market This Weekend

booth 3-3This weekend the Knoxville Expo Center Flea Market opens once again.  I will be in my usual place across from the delishous coffee and dips, next to some fantastic jewelry. If you are planning on stocking up on any particular item, please let me know so I can be sure to pack enough for everyone.

While the Knoxville Flea Market will be at the Expo Center in October I will be enjoying the great outdoors at Ketner’s Mill. Also a wonderful place to shop for crafts.

Make your shopping lists now for whatever you need to carry you through to November!

Cooler nights

sneaky kitty

Cooler nights means stray cats wanting to find a warmer place to stay. This fella found himself a spot right above the upright freezer in the barn. We feed them out at the hen house to keep the fights between them and the house cats to a minimum. By the end of winter we should have half a dozen comfy-cozy in the goat barn.

Bessie cow update

Sharon and larry bottle feedingBessie’s calf is just not looking as plump as we like so we started bottle feeding this morning to supplement what momma has for him.

starting to feedTakes a bit of doing to hold him still. Our neighbor, Sharon, helps Larry feed him but he soon gets the idea and is going all on his own!

on his ownMom’s a little worried so she keeps a close eye.

bessie keeps watch