Another day on the farm

This morning I got up and went straight to the computer, after feeding the cats, of course. Am getting emails asking about products and mail orders are picking up. It’s a nice feeling to be wanted.

Before milking the goats I put more soap in the crock pot to melt, hoping to finish the loofahs today. The soap I melt is unscented soap that has cured fresh soap would probably eat away at the loofah.


Minnie was prancing and dancing and not wanting to go into the milk room. She’s probably in heat. The others were behaving themselves but it might be time to coax the neighbor’s buck into jumping the fence. Last year he came, left and then came back again. Hilda gives him a hard time. She doesn’t want anything to do with him and has been giving milk for the last 2 ½ years without breeding back. A quart more or less a day, that’s pretty impressive.

Chickens jumped out of the house as soon as I opened the door. Wish we could just leave the door open for them to come and go at first light. Darn fox comes at first light too so we’ll just have to adjust to this system until we can rid the neighborhood of the stinkers.









After chores it was back in the kitchen to start a big kettle of beef stew. Tossed in a lamb bone from a roast we had the other evening in for good measure. It will simmer all day and be ready for us tonight.

Soap melted and loofah work began. It has to be done in stages, filling a little at a time so it has time to harden with some soap staying in the middle as well as at both ends.


After lunch it was time to mow the yard some. Grass has gotten a bit out of control. We might have folks coming to stay at our little house so the yard around it needed some serious help. Mowed a path to the laundry line and around the corral so my feet don’t get soaked with the morning dew. Ran out of energy, will continue tomorrow afternoon.

Continued with the loofahs. They get stored in the spare room closet until they are dry enough to wrap and label. Wet soap will mold which wouldn’t make it a good seller at all!

Tomorrow I’m making goat’s milk soap. Set up the lye water for it to cool and the fats in enamel pots so all that’s needed first thing is to pour milk in the lye mixture and put a flame under the fats. By the time I’m done with animal chores things should be ready to mix together.

A day on the farm

I’ve been asked what goes on here at the farm so I’ll attempt to give a daily account of my activities. Please note the “attempt” in that sentence.

Mornings I wake up and sit by the computer answering emails and playing games until I feel human enough to move on with the day. Unloading the dishwasher, feeding cats, starting laundry happens in the morning.

Today was a bright sunny day so much of it was devoted to outdoor activities. But before milking I got loofahs ready to be filled with goat milk soap. They won’t be worked on until after lunch but it’s good to have it set to go.

The goats are first on the list and expect to be milked before anything else happens, usually around 7am. Chickens are next. Both goats and chickens are put up at night, goats in the barn, chickens in the hen house. They are let out in the morning and are always ready to go!

After milking goats and feeding chickens it was off to get water. We get our drinking water from a well 20 minutes down the road and haul it home in one gallon jugs. This happens every month or so.

Back home I unloaded the 70 or so jugs and had a bit of time before lunch. So tossed some firewood into the furnace room. Our hot water comes from an outdoor furnace which needs to be filled daily. In the winter the furnace provides heat for our barn home as well as hot water.

Tossed a load of laundry into the machine while we ate lunch.

Plugged in the crock pot to melt some soap for the loofahs and went out to hang up the laundry. That’s when I realized that in my rush to leave for water I’d not gotten to the goat stalls. Checked the soap and then filled water buckets and bedded down the stalls. Once the unscented soap had melted I added fragrance and made up loofahs until 4, that was quitting time today, or so I thought.

Goats came into the barn with no fuss but the chickens were another story. They were enjoying the sunny cool day and it was 8pm before the stinkers went into the barn.

Tomorrow I will take the phone around with me and get some pictures, I promise!



imageme2The 127 Longest Yard Sale is over and this soap maker is pooped. It was hot, rainy and humid but the folks I met from California to Maine to Florida and Texas were all wonderful! Everyone worked together to get through the heat and find some good deals. We even picked up a new store on Long Island in New York!  I’m excited!!

Next show is the flea market in Hendersonville, TN.  If you missed us at the yard sale come see us at the flea market.