Too much rain

These rainy days are getting the goats a bit crazy. Normally they are out at 7:30am and in 12 hours later. Lately they are in most of the day because, as we all know, goats melt. Here’s Rosie our Livestock Guardian with Minnie. Rosie and Minnie


The two youngest dogs, Sophie and Ginger, being just 1.5 years old are still learning about this big wonderful farm. This week they learned a lesson we can only hope sticks with them like the stink has.

Both dogs are accustomed to playing chase the cat with the house cats and the cats in turn play chase the dog or if not interested then scratch the dog’s face. The game works for them, most of the time. The strays that reside in the hen house get up on a roost pole and watch the two wackos run to and fro trying to get up on the poles.

This week they met a new type of “kitty” out in the back woods. A black and white fuzzy kitty. We have tried tomato juice but it didn’t do a thing. Every time they get wet the smell comes back full force.

We live in the hope that it will dissipate sometime in the near future. Until then hugs are limited.

Hope your day smells like roses.