The workshop will guide you through the basics of soap making, both hot process (in a big black kettle over a fire) and cold process soaps. We will be working with lye, it is recommended that you not wear your Sunday best.
We will begin promptly at 9am Central and end when things are done, sometime between 1 and 3pm Central time. Participants are welcome to join us for a simple lunch or bring their own. Weather permitting we will take a stroll around the farm and meet the goats and sheep.
Minimum size for a workshop is four, maximum is ten persons. Small class size allows for plenty of hands on experience and attention during the workshops. All supplies are included in the price of the workshop. Containers will be provided for all to take home samples of their work.
Workshop fee is $60 per person. A $10 deposit is required. Upon receipt of your deposit you will receive confirmation along with directions and other necessary information.
Call (931-863-5595) or email for more info.

Inky’s a happy boy!

InkyinkyshavedHere we have before and after. Inky’s a different fella after his hair cut and happy as a wooly black sheep can be in the summer heat.

There are about 10 feed bags of wool, all different colors and lengths. I am giving this away. You can pick them up at our farm in Jamestown, TN or at our flea market booth in Crossville, TN. If picking up at the flea market I will need advance notice. It is free, please don’t ask me to deliver it to you. The wool is as it came off the animal. It has not been washed or carded or spun you will have to do that yourself.

Email me if you are interested,