LaBelle Acres is dedicated to keeping old time traditions alive. We offer you a line of natural soaps and lotions. These are great for folks with sensitive skin.

It’s a miracle!! LaBelle Acres is officially taking a leap into the 21st century and if you are a previous customer of LaBelle Acres products you know this is a big step for Belinda-kind. Although we sell most of our products around the state of Tennessee at local craft shows, we’ve decided to upgrade from hand outs to an actual website. Modernization is swooping the world and has taken us over recently too. We want to share our homemade products with the world and the folks at LaBelle Acres appreciate your view of our new website. Thank you and enjoy :)

Email is the best way to contact LaBelle Acres simply because LaBelle Acres is an actual working farm. So we would very much appreciate it if you would email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do take wholesale orders contact us for more information.


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. I have a bar of Goat Milk Soap & Medicinal Herbs. The name shown is La Belle Artemise. It has a goat (on the left) and a shamrock (on the right) of the label. It is in a “material” bag with binder rope for the closure.

    Are you the makers of this. I got through my aromatherapist, who is no longer practicing. It is my last bar and have been looking everywhere to try and find who made this.

    I could scan copy of label and e-mail to you if there is a way.

    Many thanks

    Denise Bogart (Toronto, Ontario. Canada)

  2. I bought some Goat Milk Lotion at a flee market and I do not see it on this page and wondered where I could order some more. It works great and was wanting to get some for my family.

    • I am sorry Marijane, have been slow to add to the website. There are 7 different fragrances now, rosemary, summer rain, baby powder, lavender, gardenia, tea rose and patchouli. If you’d like to order before my slow self adds it to the site you can simply paypal the $10 per bottle and let me know what fragrances you would like.
      Again sorry to be so slow but it’s been a bit busy on the farm. Time for hay and gardens but little time for computer work. Thanks for asking!

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