LaBelle Acres is dedicated to keeping old time traditions alive. We offer you a line of natural soaps and lotions. These are great for folks with sensitive skin.

It’s a miracle!! LaBelle Acres is officially taking a leap into the 21st century and if you are a previous customer of LaBelle Acres products you know this is a big step for Belinda-kind. Although we sell most of our products around the state of Tennessee at local craft shows, we’ve decided to upgrade from hand outs to an actual website. Modernization is swooping the world and has taken us over recently too. We want to share our homemade products with the world and the folks at LaBelle Acres appreciate your view of our new website. Thank you and enjoy 🙂

Email is the best way to contact LaBelle Acres simply because LaBelle Acres is an actual working farm. So we would very much appreciate it if you would email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do take wholesale orders contact us for more information.


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey Belinda,

    Have not spoken to you in ages. How are you? I need some soap and I have anew neighbor across the road from me who also loves goat milk soap and needs the unscented kind. I was not sure of the price. Let me know and when you have some I’ll come over and get some. Also, if you need help with your workshops, just say so! Remember, I am retired! Am doing well, wish the grass would stop growing! Regards, Cathy

    • Hey you!

      Was talking about you the other day, wondering to Larry how you were doing. I’ve got a booth at the flea market in Crossville. Was there this weekend but am heading to Louisville, KY for Labor Day. Will be back home and at the Crossville market September 10th and 11th, stop by.

      Pretty much given up on the workshops. If folks can get a group of 4 or more together that’s fine but I’m not trying anymore. We’ll see what happens. If I do have one I’ll give you a call, be fun to have you in the group.

      Know what you mean about the grass, the rain’s let up for the moment but our front “yard” is now officially a hay field!

  2. Hello Belinda,
    This is Cathy Jones, my close friend and quilting buddy, Beck Hicks, came and participated in your soap making workshops a couple of years ago. We enjoyed every minute of it. We would like to attend it again if possible. I did not see another scheduled after the June workshops. We have seen you several times at craft shows since then, but have not had the opportunity to get up there for another workshop. Please let me know if a workshop is possible. Hope you had a great Labor Day! Thanks,

    • Hi Cathy,
      I’ve given up trying to round up folks for workshops. If you can get at least 4 people together we can come up with a date and have a workshop. The other alternative is that I inform you if another group of 4 gets together and doesn’t mind you joining. Email me and I’ll put you on the list to be notified when a group comes up with a date. labelleacres@yahoo.com

  3. Was at muddy pond yesterday at the John Gunthers variety store, I bought a bar of yalls unscrnted goat milk soap. Do you have a list of scents and prices of your products . Read you also gave lotions ? Thank you , Helen

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